Importance of kindness, and other thoughts on 2020

For someone who claims they love writing, I surely don’t tire myself out. But every year, I get a sudden struck of inspiration- I guess I’m really into that new year, new me thingy. Except that this year was nothing like ordinary, so I suddenly realized my list is not going to be ordinary either. But this year, it is about something else. Plus, the year is not over until it’s over, so thanks to that post, I got another chance to (re)do something new this year- write!

What can I say, 2020 has been one hell of a ride! And I can call myself an incredibly lucky person, as all of my loved ones are safe and healthy. But we all know that this has been such a challenging year for so many. I was thinking about lessons 2020 could have granted me, and I came to the following conclusions (a list is still a list, after all).


It may sound extremely cliché, and I guess I’m doing it on purpose here. If the passing year has taught me anything, it is how to be grateful; how to wake up and count my blessings. I’ve learned to be grateful for little things- like nice weather or a nice view from the window (so welcomed during those quarantine days), and for massive things: friends, family, safety. It’s incredible how those essential things we take for granted too often. I don’t want to do this anymore.

London, Selfridges’ window display, May 2020


So, yeah, about that list of mine. I always loved making lists, but there’s nothing like 2020 to remind me that life won’t always go as planned. I never imagine that the day will come when I have to show my work card so I can get in the underground, let alone closed borders and, well, global pandemic. So, from now on, I want to stay in the moment more. And worry less if things won’t go as they were supposed to. There is always some way. There are more important things.


So, just to keep up a good spirit and look forward to the future, I figured that, once it’s all over and I’ll be able to travel again, I’m going to do short weekend trips more often. I mean, I want to find cheap flights to less popular destinations, or to places I’m less likely to visit in the considerable future. I never thought I’d have to put an “if allowed” paragraph while making New Year’s resolutions, but hey, once it’s back to normal, I’m sure as hell that I’m going to appreciate airports more!

Another Selfridges’ window


The last and, probably, the most important one. Be kind. Always. To the loved ones, to colleagues, to random strangers. I always was a big advocate for kindness, but this year, it was more important than ever. Once the pandemic hit, I was far away from home, with no family. I worked in a pharmacy, so we stayed open during all those months. And despite the fear, anger, tiredness, even annoyance, it was truly heartwarming how everyone was lifting each other. Among colleagues, patients, customer assistants from other essential shops, neighbors (I was legit crying during Clap For NHS), everyone was nice to one another. That is something that I’ll probably never forget. So yeah, if there’s one thing from 2020 I’m going to take with me forward, it’s this:

Always be a little kinder than necessary.

All the best wishes for the upcoming New Year! May it be safe, healthy, joyful, and, most of all, ordinary.

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