Little habits to improve my every day routine

Well, first of all, it has been ages since the last time I’ve posted! I’m not proud of myself, but the work has been crazy and I was quite busy and oh, the time just flies! Is it just me or Februrary just lasted like five days and then, all of a sudden, we’re almost in the middle of March? Which is quite good, because I just can’t wait for Spring and warmer days, but on the other hand it makes me sad, because I feel like I’ve wasted so much time being utterly unproductive (just look at my blogging pattern)!

It’s really complicated.

Luckily, what matters now is that I’m back and it feels so good!


And what helped me regain my motivation? I wanted to share with you some little things- or rituals- that I find very helpful. For me, knowing that you’re doing something for your own well-being, even if for now those are just baby steps, may seriously improve your mood. So that’s what I’m trying to do every day. Well, maybe it’s not a routine yet, but I’m sure I’m going in the good direction.


Well, that’s quite an old trick and I’m sure we are all aware of its benefits such as cleansing and detoxyfing the skin and body. It took me a while, but now I genuinely enjoy its taste. I try to drink it first thing in the morning as it boosts my energy and helps me wake up properly (well, I still need coffee, but after drinking my lemon water I’m much more aware of the fact that I’m making coffee :D). Plus, knowing that I’m doing something good for my body lifts my mood, which is also a big pro. I’m always drinking it warm, but not too warm, because I’ve read that it shouldn’t be a really boiling hot water as high temperature destroys vitamin C.


I’ve always loved salads in all shapes and forms, but it wasn’t something that I’d prepare regularly- and I can’t really tell you why (well, because you’re really lazy Olga, that’s why). But recently I found a way to kick it. Back in November, when I was spending a weekend in my aunt’s house in Italy, I’ve asked her how come her salads are so good. „What is your secret?” „Well, so, I added salt…”, she answered, and though it seemed a bit funny, that was it. Some green leaves. Olive oil. Salt. Some pepper, oregano or other herbs, optionally. And ever since, when I’m working late or I don’t really have time to scrub and chop veggies, I’m just buying a bag of salad in Tesco, Sainsbury’s or wherever. One of my current favourites is rocket salat with some baby leaves, olive oil, salt, Parmiggiano cheese (rather that buying a grated one, I just cut it into really tiny slices myself) and a bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice. It’s absolutely amazing, tastes like Italy and it takes literally 5 minutes to prepare it.


Honestly, I’m not the fittest of them all. I’ve literally been to the gym twice (but I keep promising myself that next month I’m really gonna join…). But at some point I’ve felt that I had to do something, just to improve my health and general well-being. I’ve decided to start with something quite simple, such as 20 or 30 minutes of youtube workouts. Right now I’m really into Cassey Ho’s channel, blogilates , and Keaira LaShae dancing workouts. And seriousy, even if it’s only twenty minutes of exercising, it makes me feel so much better afterwards. I also try make those baby steps such as walking to the underground station instead of taking a bus (it’s like three or four bus stops). So yeah, I don’t run or squat or lift. To be honest, I guess what really is my thing would be dancing, as I do love it with all my heart and I used to dance quite a lot when I was younger. So even jumping like crazy to some music makes me happy. You should see me rocking to „Wild ones” 😀

I can”t lie, the wilds don”t lie!


Or, to put simply, make lunch rather than buy one. For many months I refused to spend some time and prepare my lunch earlier. Why should I? I could always go to one of many supermarkets, as they have plenty of sandwiches and salads. But I came to the point when I literally had enough and I couldn’t stand them anymore. So it started, slowly but surely. First I started to make some more pasta or rice, or whatever I was doing, and pack a half for the next day. Later I started planning on what I could cook for my next day lunch. And if I don’t feel like cooking (what happens surprisingly more often than one would expect), I make sandwiches. Butter, some lettuce, cheese, tomato or pepper (and bread, of course). Nothing fancy, really. But, then again, it literally makes a massive difference. I feel better when I eat something that I made myself, even if it’s a simple sandwich. Plus it saves me a hell lot of money.


And what hides behind that enigmatic headline? Here, let me explain. I can’t remember how many times I caught myself thoughtlessly staring at the sites I don’t even enjoy anymore just because it was something I was used to. I was wasting so much time for stuff that gave me absolutely nothing, it’s quite sad. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about those little guilty pleasures, but at some point I’ve asked myself, do I really need to know all the gossips about all the celebrities (that I don’t even know what are they famous for)? Do I really need to read every single story or comment, even if it’s regarding something that is not even that interesting for me? Well, it may come as shocking (to myself, mostly), but no. I wasn’t learning, I wasn’t improving, I was just wasting my time.

On the other hand, things like Instagram, other blogs or weheartit give me a massive boosts and help me to stay inspired and motivated. Sometimes I think that I should start using Pinterest, but I’m a bit afraid of trying, because, knowing myself, it’s highly possible that it will suck me in completely and you will never see me again!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it and have a lovely week! ❤

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3 thoughts on “Little habits to improve my every day routine

  1. Very interesting and inspiring! I have to start again with water&lemon! PS. A little bit of salt in salad is an italian top secret, shhhh! 😀😂😀

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