Tomorrow is June!

Tomorrow is June!

It is so hard to believe! Does anyone else feel like the time just flies? I know it’s not the most innovative of my thoughts, but it’s kinda scary when you think about it. So I decided to do, well, a to-do list that will help me to organize my plans for June.

Tomorrow is June!

  • Be more consistent when it comes to blogging. Dedicate some time to finally choose the right layout, theme, etc. I was planning to do that for so long, but it’s quite hard without a computer. I’d also like to post at least twice a week. There are so many wonderful blogs that I follow and I find a lot of them very inspiring. I hope I’ll stop making excuses and focus on the fact that blogging makes me happy. And I’ll write, write, write! 😄
  • Go out more. I always make big plans, but (how typically) when I finally have a day off, I’m either too tired, or it’s cold and rainy outside. So, once again: enough with excuses! I also miss the sun and good weather, so I hope June will bring me some long hot afternoons spent in the park with sunscreen and a good book 😎. Finally, those will be the last 30 days of my brother’s visit, and however the thought itself makes me cry, I hope we will also spend some good time together.
  • Carry on with healthy food. Well, it hasn’t been THAT bad, but it could be way better. I try to cook at least every other day, but still failing to prepare lunch meals in advance. So enough with fast foods and buying sandwiches for lunch, as I’m starting to feel it does no good to my body.
  • Exercise more. That part is also not quite neglected, but I’d love to work out at least 30 minutes a day. And do more stretching!
  • Learn Hungarian. I have this really good book (and a native speaker next to me), and I still haven’t finished the first chapter. Come on!
  • Be more organized. And clean up more. Tidy up the wardrobe and wash all the clothes that need to be hand-washed. It’s about time, seriously.
  • Schedule the dentist appointment. Actually, call tomorrow. Or at least by the end of this week. Once again: Come. On!
  • Read more. And read more in English. Go to this amazing charity shop on Tooting Broadway and get some books. And read them all.


Well, just writing this down made me feel more inspired. That’s exactly why I love making lists. I wish you all a great month! 😊

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