Or My new roommate. Advantages of living with my brother, as my brother himself suggested.

Today’s post is going to be a little personal (and long), but there could be no better opportunity for that. It will also be about changes, inspirations and that you should not settle for something you are not quite comfortable with. I hope you’ll enjoy it. 😊

The last couple of weeks was pretty intense. Hard, but by all means in a good way. It all started when my brother decided to come to London after getting a degree. My boyfriend and I were living in a place I found over a year ago. The room was quite big, and I liked it, but we shared the house with so many other people it quickly started to get on my nerves. Because trust me, the number of people was insane. My partner and I talked many times about finding some other place, preferably smaller and more private, but we never really did anything. I was explaining it to myself in many ways. The room is nice. It’s not that bad. I’ll start proper research next month. I have too many things and moving out would be too stressful. I’m too tired to look for a place. Excuses, excuses, excuses. Blah blah blah.

But that’s how I felt. I’ve got so used to living this way that I kept telling myself that all the things I don’t like are just small inconveniences. Just the thought of a process of looking for a room terrified me. And even though I wasn’t happy, I settled.

Some of those “inconveniences” were rather extreme. We kept all our dishes, cutlery, and toiletries (toilet paper included) in the room because there was no other place. Plates on the top shelf, pots, forks, and spoons in the middle, cosmetics on the bottom. Books on the top, spices and “cooking stuff” just underneath it. We dried our towels in the wardrobe. We kept toothbrushes on the locker, next to Oysters. Our efforts to maintain the relative tidiness were really impressive. And, as you can probably imagine, with so many people squeezed in such a tiny space, it was never quiet (or clean). But I got used to that as well. Eventually, we just stopped cooking. Ok, I may exaggerate here a bit, but whenever we had a choice like, let’s say, eat chocolate or cook dinner, we decided to stay in the room. I just couldn’t be bothered. We kept telling each other that we move out. Eventually.

And then, in the middle of all that, my brother. “Ok, so if we start to keep coffee and sugar over there, you can put your laptop here”… and it sounded NORMAL to me. I was at this point where the fact that I live without a single tablespoon didn’t bother me at all. “For two years it didn’t cross your mind that there could be an easier way to eat the soup than with a sugar spoon?” my brother asked me. He was right. It didn’t. I started to accept inconveniences so easily it was kinda sad. But, as I said, I settled.

Then something wonderful happened. I was on holiday at home then, when it turned out we can move in with my best friend. To a place that is the exact opposite of the previous one. Clean. Quiet. With a nice kitchen (where we can keep all of our “cooking stuff”). And, what is the most wonderful part, I get to live with my brother, my boyfriend, and my best friend. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

I know it was rather random, and if it wasn’t for them (my brother and my friend, I mean) we wouldn’t be living here. But it changed my point of view completely and it taught me not to be afraid of changes. It’s all about the little things that make a difference. I feel relaxed. I cook more. Just this week I cooked dinner every single day. It’s a huge deal for me, so I’m extremely proud of myself. Once again, that is also thanks to those two, as they’re cooking so much it inspires me. My brother knows so much about healthy food, ingredients, what is good for you and what to avoid, even how to storage chopped onions. It’s amazing. I learn something new every day. It was our first weekend here when he baked a pizza all by himself. Homemade, healthy, and delicious, and it cost me just £2 (because my brother knows about business as well 😂).

I feel so much better here, I even have the energy for boring duties such as doing laundry or waiting in the queue to buy food. It is amazing. I even (finally) organized all of my makeup (and I think I may write a post about makeup storage soon enough because, well, I’m pretty proud of that as well).

This all made me realize that I shall never be afraid of changes. Even if they appear as difficult or time-consuming. It showed me clearly that I shouldn’t accept something just because it’s “good enough” or, what’s worse, to keep telling myself it’s all right to the point when I actually start to believe it’s true. If I’m not happy with something, I should put in some effort and try to change it instead of dreaming to do so. Step out of the comfort zone (it wasn’t so much of a comfort when it comes to the old house, but it was something I knew and got used to). After all, I’m an adult and it’s about time to start acting like one.

This note was posted also thanks to the courtesy of my brother who let me use his laptop. All of our laptops (mine, my brother’s and my boyfriends) broke IN THE SAME TIME! But my brother managed to fix his (which was pretty impressive). Did I tell you I learn something new almost every day? Well, if you ever need help with disassembling a Dell Latitude d630, you know who to ask 😄. My brother also stayed up till 5 am trying to fix my computer, but there was nothing we could do (well, during eight years it had a rough time with me and it served well). Right now I write the old school way, in a diary.

And it looks like that.

I feel so positive about the recent changes that I wanted to share my joy. I’m so excited. Friendly environment helps me to organize my life better. I’m full of ideas, and I hope to write much more often in the nearest future!

Thank you for reading! ☺️ Wow, that was one long post! 😂

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