Beauty favorites of 2016: skincare and makeup.

The year is passing by (I do love obvious statements, that’s for sure!) and, as every year really, I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I do have resolutions for the next year, and so many plans and dreams that I hope will come true in 2017. But, on the other, I know that the world itself is not gonna change dramatically, and it’s just a date, and man, it is really hard to explain. But I like making lists, so it’s all that matters. I make them every year. Lists of favorite things, moments, books, movies, etc. And today, I’d like to share my two beauty favorites of this year.


Skincare favorite: argan oil

(or how did I discover the obvious).

The benefits of argan oil for hair and skin are widely known, and it may seem it’s working miracles. Just to name a few: it’s packed with antioxidants and has a high content of Vit E, so it works as an anti-ager. It hydrates and nourishes the skin, helps to maintain shiny and healthy hair. It can also be used as a conditioner for nails and lashes… And yeah, still naming a few!
And yet, I could never quite understand what’s the big deal. I had a sort of love-hate relationship with this product. A few years ago, I was working in a shop, and its flagship product was argan oil. At this time, it was way too expensive for me to test, yet we had to recommend it strongly with every transaction. So I learned the benefits of the product from the script provided, and then, recited it to every person that entered the shop (that was my first job and I tried very hard). I eventually convinced myself to buy a bottle, but the first experience was rather unpleasant. It had a strange smell, it was too greasy, and I didn’t know that it works best when applied to damp skin. So I was using it on dry skin, and I wondered why is it even popular. I eventually stopped and haven’t tried it again for years, as I kind of forgot about the existence of this product.
I was visiting my home town in summer, and one day I went to the small, lovely shop with natural products. I have a big sentiment for this place, so I wanted to buy as many things as possible. Out of nothing, I decided to give this oil another shoot. I took it with me to the UK, and it stayed in my cosmetic locker for a while.
In autumn, I experienced a very annoying skin disease called pityriasis rosea. Red, itchy spots were everywhere on my body, including the face. I tried everything, but all the products seemed to dry my skin even more. In the end, I was desperate, and I decided to try the argan oil. I mean, after all, it was natural, so I figured it couldn’t possibly do any more harm. But this time, I actually read the instructions. And I fell in love. I use it ever since.
I don’t know, maybe the one I have now has better quality than the previous one. Or maybe, it’s all about that damp skin thing. But I can see the massive difference between these two.
I use it as a night cream. I damp my skin with a few drops of mineral water (I think it’s nicer than tap water), and I massage the oil into my face. And the results? Amazing. First of all, it absorbs surprisingly quickly (for oil), and it’s not clogging pores. What’s important, this one also smells nice. I feel it really hydrates and nourishes my skin, making it soft, smooth, and supple. It may sound odd, but I also like how my face looks in the morning after using this- and that always was the best way for me to decide whether I like something. What’s more, I have really sensitive eyes, so I can’t use most creams made by popular brands because every application ends up with my eyes stinging and watering. I think it has to be an allergy to some common ingredient, but whatever it is, it’s not in argan oil. It’s natural, and I find it to be extra gentle. It’s suitable for any skin type: sensitive (it did help me when I was fighting pityriasis rosea, after all), dry, and even oily, as it controls and balances the natural oil production. Win-win.
Besides, in my opinion, it does work miracles. Well, obviously, I don’t have many wrinkles (yet), but I used to have two or three mimic ones. I use the argan oil for a few months (alternately with No 7 Early Defence night cream), and I can tell the difference already: wrinkles are much less visible. What’s not to love?


Makeup favorite: Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation

Like many good things in life, I discovered this one by accident. When I was younger, I’ve never even worn a foundation that often, but recently I feel like I need this extra little bit of support. Luckily, my skin is not very blemished, but it has visible pink undertones, of which I’m not very fond of. For many months, my number one was the No 7 Beautifully Matte Light foundation, and I loved it. I’m still a big fan of it, but I’ve literally LOST IT. I’ve lost it in the house, in my room, and I’m still not sure how did it happen. I’ve realized it’s gone minutes before I was about to get ready for a party, and it’s nowhere to be found ever since. I wanted my makeup to be perfect for that party, so obviously, I couldn’t skip the foundation. In a panic, I started to look into every corner in search of the tiniest bit of a tester, or anything really, and I found a miniature of Wake Me Up product. It wasn’t even my color, and I’ve never used it before because I didn’t trust liquid foundations, but at that moment, it was perfect. I liked it even more after I put it on my skin, and I can proudly say, that was a love from the first application.
It has a light coverage that can build up to medium, but I don’t like heavy foundations in general, so that’s a big pro. It applies very easily (even with fingers!) and blends in nicely, without cracking on the face. It lasts long, I wear it all day and it does stay for hours. It contains Vitamin Moisturising Complex, which apparently is doing its job because the foundation doesn’t dry my skin (and I tend to get dry patches very often if I’m not careful). If you look through the bottle you can see the shimmer, but you have to look very closely to see it on your face as it’s barely visible. I consider it to be an advantage though because it glows your skin and provides the promised ”wake me up” effect without looking oily or too glittery. I like everything in it, from the fact that it contains an SPF to the packaging (very handy!).
I strongly recommend it if you are looking for a sheer coverage product. My shade is ivory, which at the first glance looks a bit yellowish, but it works when it comes to covering that pink shade of my face. I love the formula and the fact that it applies so easily. That’s the first liquid foundation that stayed with me for longer. And, last but not least, it is quite affordable (I bought it for £8,99 in Boots in a 3 for 2 offer, alongside a matching concealer and a Fix& Perfect primer).

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