How do I even start?

I’ve always loved writing. As a little girl, I used to write long poems about life. I had the whole notebook filled with deep phrases like “Autumn has come. It’s already September” (and yes, it actually does rhyme in my language. Doesn’t sound any better though). Through the years I produced a crazy amount of diaries, and every time I come back home I use to spend at least one evening reading them all. It just never gets boring.

I even wrote a book once. What’s funny, I remember writing it, but I just can’t remember what was it about. I think the main character was a beautiful and smart girl with long dark hair and some wicked magic skills, because, well, that’s kinda who I wanted to be every now and then. I think she had lots of siblings. There were also extraordinary creatures like fairies and even a dragon. I can’t tell what was the story, but I remember the feeling. I got so lost in writing, one page after another, and in my head dozens of concepts, plot twists, characters. I literally didn’t leave my room until I finished. I even had a concept of the next parts (well, I had ideas of catchy titles, mostly). And oh, the main character’s name was Sigikid (and that I can’t explain and I won’t even try).

But the feeling, wow. That was something. The pure, simple joy of writing. I never managed to repeat my achievement, because I got all busy with stuff like school and boys and I didn’t have time nor creativity for stories of wizards and dragons, but I can tell you, the thrill was real. I love the memory of that day.

And here I am, fifteen years later. Trying to find this joy again, I guess. I stopped writing a diary a while ago and I think this could be a really good idea. A blog, I mean. It’s exciting, educative (just for this post I learned how to spell “siblings” correctly), and I think it could be interesting, once I’ll get over this little, awkward, how-do-I-even-start- alike note and start blogging for real. And what do I want it to be about? Well, I live in London (technically) so I hope to share some ideas and experiences and lovely places and stuff. In fact, I think it could be quite a decent motivation to actually go out and start exploring this city a tiny bit more (I live on CR4, so, after the initial excitement, I slowly became more of a couch-and-tv series kind of person. Which I’m not quite happy about). So, the city of London it is. Because of my job, I happen to learn a lot about things like skincare and makeup, etc.; so I hope to write about it sometimes as well. And, because I want this place to be my little motivation, maybe a bit about the kitchen because oh my, on that field I’m gonna need every help I can get. So, motivation, educational, and inspirational. Mostly for myself, obviously. But if some of you find it worth reading, I could not be happier about it.

5 thoughts on “How do I even start?

  1. Inasmuch as I found it worth to reading this stuff, I keep you by your tongue that you are very happy now. After all, behind schedule, I’m pround that I could l live through the wall with poet, who have, maybe even, more to tell about autumn that father Sergius and certainly could entered the poetical lists against him without shadow of fear. I think the competition like that could rock the boat of Kielce’s artistic enviroment. About rest, I can’t assess the value, becouse I didn’t find english words with semantic range like “niebanalny” i “nietuzinkowy”. I wish many sucess, as I promised to Ania, that I will not trim your wings.

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